“I have to tell you that I am amazed at my God. Here is a homeless guy who smells like urine, dresses in the dirtiest clothes, is missing a finger, and wearing a woman’s sneaker, breaking down DNA and the cure for cancer for me. This can’t get any weirder, can it?”

Talk to God, Chapter 14

“I went there one Sunday and told them I was God. They gave me water, five dollars, a pamphlet on drug addiction and escorted me out. I tried to put the five in the poor box before I left and they told me to take it and buy food instead of drugs or booze. Very thoughtful.”

Talk to God, Chapter 21

“We walk away from The Bible over to a quieter area of the library and find one of those large, library tables you can hardly reach across. He sat on one side and motions me to take a seat on the other. It then dawned on me the last time I was sitting at one of these large library tables: It was a night in college, at the university library, when my wife and I told each other for the first time, that we loved each other. God watches a small grin cross my lips. I say nothing.”

Talk to God, Chapter 28

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