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Talk to God – A man at the edge of his sanity, coming to terms with the passing of his wife, finds an unsuspecting companion in a homeless vagrant. Their 3 day journey together through an urban jungle reveals that this homeless vagrant isn’t a normal man but rather God. Their time together explores the boundaries of science and religion, life and death, and love and loss. As they walk through the city, God reveals his true purpose and our hero’s path to redemption is filled with wonder and danger. Talk to God received the The Midwest Book Review: Viewers Choice. Read the full review here.

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Reader Reviews

Hi Monica and DeiAmor:

Thanks so much for the gift of the book. I’ve finally finished it around my work schedule. It’s so interesting how similar this is to what I’ve been going over in my mind. I told a colleague a few years ago, especially where race is concerned, that many people and specifically most religions, will find out it’s sort of a test and most are failing…if they hate due to race. Another point I love is the role of women in the universe. Then another favorite is there is a plan for the remainder of our brain to get “switched on” if you will. And one more, my father has been ill in the past few years. When he goes in the hospital and our family rallies to go there in support of him, he comes through the setback. I know one day probably in the not too distant future, his body will give out but until then we’ve seen the success of love with him and are so very thankful!!
I hope you both have been well!
– Kristi Coker

Loved it. Really makes you stop and think, how we judge people and how we are being judged. I will at some point read it again.
– Jeannie

I love it. I seek God on a daily basis trying to find answers. This book surely puts things into perspective. I intend to re-read and share with family and friends. Word cannot express how this book has truly touched me…
– Dee

This is a well written story of one man’s life changing weekend. The message of this entertaining book, In my humble opinion, is that God
cannot be defined in a single act of creation. God is defined in every moment we experience through this brief time in our current life. The current world will only change for the better if we talk with everyone as we would be talking to God and listen to everyone with a God-like
– John T. Bouwhuis

Talk To God takes what you’ve been taught to believe in God and religion and shows you a perspective of true love for God and all mankind
with no boundaries of religion, race or creed. DeiAmor immediately takes you to a harsh place of extreme loss, then leads you through a journey of pain and loathing to true understanding of the immense power of LOVE. It’s pretty easy for me to figure out where most books are going to take you, but Talk to God kept me turning the pages to see where I was going to end up. Challenge yourself, set your beliefs aside! Open your mind and your heart to a refreshing read and the power of TRUE LOVE!
– Kelly-Georgia

I sat in my reading chair,opened Talk to God and begin to read,I should have buckled my seat-belt!i was taken on an emotional,questioning ride. Written by an angry grieving disbeliever the text is perfect as his journey unfolds.Please read this wonderful novel,you will be singing Imagine for days!Forgive all typos cat was helping me.
– Peggy in Tennessee

Man! Was I surprised! Got the book before the weekend and COULD NOT put it down. So fascinating I read parts of it out loud at family barbeque. We spent the rest of the night talking… rather arguing about it. This colorful, and extremely edgy, present day, perception of God is AWESOME! DeiAmor Verus hopefully has it right because this would be “My God”. This book takes everything that is spiritual and EVERYTHING that is scientific and explains it so all the pieces finally fit together. NOW I AM BELIEVER in God and DeiAmor Verus! I want to hug a stranger. More Please! Cheers! – Tachari Rao

This is the most thought provoking book I have read in a long time. The title “Talk To God” is a little misleading. This book has nothing to do with religion or the church but is the first realistic view of God or at least what I always hoped God is. Believers, agnostics, AND atheists will love this book. Everyone should read this book at least once. It clarifies all the mysteries of the universe and what is beyond for us all. If it is half true, which I want to believe, I sleep better every night. It is amazing. The book is one man’s interview with the creator of the universe wrapped in a story of lost-love. Heart wrenching and inspiring. READ THIS BOOK!! – Monica

One man’s spiritual journey, written in the real, gritty tone of modern life. Very thought provoking and filled with common sense love and wisdom. Highly recommended! – Bob J

The book exceeded my expectations. Very thought provoking. I hope that my friends will take my advice and buy the book to read and keep as part of their book collection. – Lane Looper